Free Scrapbooking Resources for your Holiday Memories!

Hi Friends!

Christmas is one of those times of year where you take 395035 pictures of your family, friends, and memories. For scrapbookers, this means it’s time to take these pictures and put them in books.

Scrapbooking can get expensive once you factor in all the optional supplies you can include in your books. Luckily, I have found plenty of free digital resources I would love to share with you today! All the links underneath the photos will take you to the original download sites.

If you’re participating in my #ModernGirlScrapbook challenge, these are some awesome resources that will allow you to get your feet wet without spending heaps of money.

The downloads are all categorized by their function, happy scrolling!

Page Fillers:

From A Pair of Pears

This would be the cutest way to remember everyone on your gift list this year! I think this would be extra-special if you had kiddos.

From Azzari Jarrett

This would look amazing at the start of the book, what a great way to track special days during the holidays!

From Karenika

Digitial Papers:

From Oh So Lovely


From Oh So Lovely

Both of these picture sets are so fun and graphic, they’re definitely going into my Christmas album!


From Designs by Miss Mandee

All the fun of excessive glitter usage with none of the mess? Count me in!

From Kimla Designs
Me In Lila Park

These are a close tie for second favourite papers… I mean, how cute are those little trees?! 


Fonts 2
From Like the Cheese
From Like the Cheese

Where would crafters be without beautiful free fonts? Probably nowhere, they’re a pretty cool thing. Cant wait to add “JOY” to my books!

After a wonderful morning searching pinterest on your behalf, these are the best modern freebies I could find. What do you think? Please share your other favs down below!

Until next time,






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