Sheer Envy: DIY Shirt Made With a FREE Pattern!

Hi Friends!

A few nights ago I was scrolling through Pinterest before bed. I came across this image, fell in love with the style, then had to spend the next hour and a half whipping one up for myself.

I mean, what do you do on a Thursday night?

Courtesy of Gurl

Totally stunning right? I was drawn to the cute dotted texture of the under-shirt, and it reminded me a lot of an awesome mesh fabric I had in my stash. This shirt was really meant to be in my wardrobe.


So here’s how I did it:
– I used the Plantain Tee Pattern as a base (FREE from Deer&Doe)
– I raised the neckline by 1″ on the centre front, then blended it back to the original shoulder line.
– I added cuffs onto the sleeves to finish them instead of a hem. To me, this detail really makes the shirt.
– I left the bottom hem as is, its mesh so it wont fray. I didn’t love the way hems looked on this sheer fabric, and thought a bottom band would make the shirt look frumpy.
Other than these adjustments, construction went as normal and I had a new shirt in a flash. I decided to start sewing around 11PM and finished just after 12:30AM- not too bad! It felt so good to be able to sit down and whip up something that’s quick and easy. Plus I had a super cute shirt to wear to class on Friday!

I don’t know if Plantain is the best shape for my pear-shaped frame. The hem is quite flared, which leads for a very whimsical look that can make my already petite shoulders look weirdly small. Does anyone else have this issue too?

As a result of the weird hem, I’ve never absolutely loved the way any of them have turned out (I’ve made plenty). However, they’ve all turned out to be at least okay, so I keep experimenting with the pattern. Why fix something that’s only a little broken, right? I’m thinking of experimenting and trying the Lark Tee from Grainline, because Jen’s patterns always seem to do my body well.
Lately I’ve been working fitting the perfect shift dress. Its really fun, but also quite challenging (why can’t you just fit the way you’re supposed to dress?). Being able to finish a project in one sitting really refreshed my creativity. I can’t wait for my exams to be over so I can dig my teeth into my winter sewing plans (See my fabric haul here, it was a good one)!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my latest speedy make! If you guys have any ideas for a pear-shape friendly tee-shirt patterns, let me know, maybe I’ll branch out and try something new!

Until next time,


I’m so happy you took the time to visit my little blog today! If you enjoyed this post, click here to see all of my other makes. 



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