Friday Favourites + Dreaming of Japanese Double Gauze from Miss Matatabi

Poppy Trip Double Gauze, Image Courtesy of Miss Matatabi
Poppy Trip Double Gauze, all Images Courtesy of Miss Matatabi

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

It feels good to be done the week, I’m ready for the weekend. Is anyone else drowning in midterms right now, or am I the only one?

I’ve done a lot of online fabric browsing this week while I should have been studying for my midterms. Lately, my fabric obsession has been Miss Matatabi’s Etsy shop. She carries the most adorable Japanese cotton you could think of! I love drooling over her collection of Nani Iro fabrics, seriously, they’re to die for. The big organic flowers are so sweet and feminine.

Here are my favourites from her shop!

From Top Left, 1/2/3/4/5/6
From Top Left, 1/2/3/4/5/6

1) Enchanted Garden Cotton Lawn
I just love this one, there really is no explanation as to why. The colours are beautiful and that’s all the reason I need. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2) Nani Iro Poppy Trip Metallic Double Gauze
This one really caught my eye. I love how the white flowers make such a contrast on the blue/grey background. Its feminine without being girly.

3)ย Niittypolku by Finlayson
This is an honourable mention, because it can’t be shipped outside of Japan. Still a beautiful piece though!

4) Tiny People Cotton Lawn
This print is pretty close to being my favourite. I can vision turning this into a comfy Seamwork Adelaide for the summer. Totally inspired by House of Pinheiro’s Adelaideย featuring sassy ladies in swimsuits.

5) Vintage Floral Double Gauze
For anyone that sews vintage styled clothes, can you make a 50’s frock out of double gauze? Because this would make such a gorgeous vintage summer sundress. Yes Please!

6) Nani Iro Poppy Trip Double Gauzeย 
Fun fact: A few years ago when I sewed up my prom dress I was looking for something exactly like this. While the Double Gauze isn’t suitable for formal wear, the print is still something I am in love with! If I could only pick one of these prints, this one would have to be my favourite. Also, can we talk about how lovely the selvages look?

Here's one more view of the Poppy Print. Image Courtesy of Miss Matatabi.
Here’s one more view of the Poppy Print for good measure. Image Courtesy of Miss Matatabi.

One thing I would like to caution you about dear reader is that Miss Matatabi sells fabric ย by the half meter. I got so excited when I saw her prices because I thought, wow, 10$ a meter is totally in my price range. Then I got really sad as soon as I realized she sells by the half meter. 20$ a meter is not in my price range, but maybe I will treat myself. Who knows. I would also like to tell you that shipping fabric from her is really affordable!

I hoped you enjoyed taking a look at these gorgeous cotton prints with me! If you’re looking to lose an hour of your day to looking through fun fabrics, check her shop out here.

Have a great Friday!


In the spirit of good fun, here’s one last print that I think is too cute to even exist. Can you believe they’ve put mason jar salads on fabric! #PinterestWorthy

Mason Jar Mid-Weight Cotton, Photo Courtesy of Miss Matatabi
Mason Jar Mid-Weight Cotton, Photo Courtesy of Miss Matatabi

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